Running Selenium Tests in CircleCI

Hello again! It’s been a while… I hope you and your loved ones are in good health 💖 Today, I come with a topic related to Testing! Specifically, running Selenium Tests in CircleCI. Background I have been working on the mignonnesaurus-blog for more than a year.

Lessons of boiled chocolate

Today something interesting happened at work. I believe it was a life lesson, other people may see it as something simple… It may be, but to me it was interesting. Here it goes: In Mexico we celebrate Dia de Muertos on November 2nd.

About balance, chemistry and diversity

March is here! Yay! And March brings many beautiful things: The start of Spring, International Earth Day, International Women’s Day! As part of all this and specially, International Women’s Day, I decided to write another post based on an analogy!. Remember January’s post: About singularities, love and experts?

Continuous Delivery with Github, Codeship and Heroku

I am very excited about Continuous Delivery or CD. My excitement started a couple of years back when one of the companies I collaborated with started its journey to move to CD. Then, my excitement Skyrocketed when I had the opportunity to collaborate with a company that was already in that path, who made it!

About singularities, love and experts

Singularities, love and experts? What do you mean Eli? What are you talking about? How are they connected? Let me explain. It all starts with books! This year, I decided to read (among others) the following two books: A Brief History of Time Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Also, I had a great talk (over a couple of glasses of Merlot) with a great Software Architect and Engineering Manager that I had the fortune of meeting this year.