Working with Different Java Versions

¡Hola! Happy 2021! ✨ It’s already been a month and a half, but it still counts, right? 😊 When you are with Java, many circumstances may drive the need to work with its different versions. For example: You may still have some projects that require Java 8.

Working Remotely from the Other Side

¡Hola! Oh my! Today, I am here with a new and innovative subject that you have absolutely not heard about, lately. This is, of course, me joking. Lately, we have been working from home, and we have learned many lessons, I am sure.

Running Selenium Tests in CircleCI

Hello again! It’s been a while… I hope you and your loved ones are in good health 💖 Today, I come with a topic related to Testing! Specifically, running Selenium Tests in CircleCI. Background I have been working on the mignonnesaurus-blog for more than a year.

Lessons of boiled chocolate

Today something interesting happened at work. I believe it was a life lesson, other people may see it as something simple… It may be, but to me it was interesting. Here it goes: In Mexico we celebrate Dia de Muertos on November 2nd.

About balance, chemistry and diversity

March is here! Yay! And March brings many beautiful things: The start of Spring, International Earth Day, International Women’s Day! As part of all this and specially, International Women’s Day, I decided to write another post based on an analogy!. Remember January’s post: About singularities, love and experts?