Installing and setting up the Google Cloud CLI on macOS

Hey you! I hope you are having a wonderful day 💛 The intention of these words is to document the installation of the Google Cloud CLI on macOS, that for me was an adventure. While I was working on the installation, I found documentation in various places, as well as responses to problems in other places, and hmmm, I guess this will be another one of those places 🤭

Navigating the Platform Engineering field

Hey you, wonderful Earthling! I hope you are well, and in good health, and spirits. This story started about 20 months ago, when I started a role as a Platform Engineer 🌱 I was very curious about Platform Engineering, and Engineering Experience specifically, so thanks to the support and encouragement of friends and colleagues, I applied to a Platform Engineering role, a role that I had not formally held before.

Working with Different Java Versions

¡Hola! Happy 2021! ✨ It’s already been a month and a half, but it still counts, right? 😊 When you are with Java, many circumstances may drive the need to work with its different versions. For example: You may still have some projects that require Java 8.

Working Remotely from the Other Side

¡Hola! Oh my! Today, I am here with a new and innovative subject that you have absolutely not heard about, lately. This is, of course, me joking. Lately, we have been working from home, and we have learned many lessons, I am sure.

Running Selenium Tests in CircleCI

Hello again! It’s been a while… I hope you and your loved ones are in good health 💖 Today, I come with a topic related to Testing! Specifically, running Selenium Tests in CircleCI. Background I have been working on the mignonnesaurus-blog for more than a year.