Eli Flores.

Earthling. Engineer. Space Traveler. Dreamer. Mignonnesaurus. Petite Ensenadoise. Little Crazy. In .

Code is like the pages of a book that stick in my mind and my heart and that whisper to the processor.

About me.

I am an Earthling, an Engineer and a Student at heart 💙

I enjoy participating in communities, and coaching at workshops and courses that inspire people from all walks of life to discover the magic of the multiverse of technology ✨

I love to learn new languages, both the ones to communicate with other Earthlings and the ones to communicate with computers. I also love reading, and having life talks over a good cup of tea.

Interests: Technology, Software, Education, Community, Leadership, Diversity, Literature, Languages, Culture, Health, Gastronomy, Travel, Space Travel.


I used to be Adjunct Professor @ the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) - Campus Ensenada.

In collaboration with Fernando Montes, we used to teach the course: Development of Web Applications in Java (DoWa Java). Content course is here and practices are here. We welcome contributions and feedback ✨

Beautiful view from UABC - Ensenada